Are you searching for a service that can provide you with safe, sterile and future-proof flooring? Is there a need to replace or upgrade your current surface? If you are in need of hospital flooring or a surface that can rebuke water, food, static or anything in between, it’s important you choose a professional team.

At Datum Flooring we have become a nationwide leader in providing hospitals and the medical industry with flooring that is durable, easy-to-clean and competently installed. We call upon our years of experience in helping a vast array of industries to ensure their needs are met.

How do we create hospital flooring tailored to your requirements?

The first stage of any hospital flooring is by providing your premises with a thorough and detailed survey. This aims to highlight problems, understand what other applications need to be considered and create a quote for the job.

After we have come to an agreement, our team can get started with creating your hospital flooring. Our team of experts are able to use everything from epoxy, polyurethane, polymer and cementitious flooring depending on the specific job. When we provide our hospital flooring across the UK, we will use the right combination to offer you quality, longevity and safety.

To discuss the abundance of options that await you at Datum Flooring, speak with us today.