The needs and requirements of your warehouse will be dictated by your sector, the products you use, and the amount of time spent working across this area. For many workplaces such as this, the surface of the floor can be a huge undertaking but when done correctly it can work for the better of your whole company. We understand and work with a number of clients across the UK with diverse needs when it comes to flooring and know what it takes to upgrade spaces throughout many different sectors.

Datum Flooring is the ideal choice for any companies searching for the most cost-effective and professional anti-static flooring services that will offer a range of benefits for your work areas. Many sectors across the UK can benefit from the instant improvements provided by anti-static flooring.

Why choose our anti-static flooring in the UK?

Any car manufacturing company, all electrical product manufacturers and those working in the medical industry will be working with static energy. This can become not only a problem for your staff in terms of safety but also in terms of interference. Our anti-static flooring in the UK is trusted and chosen to help companies such as yourself to dispel the electrostatic discharge (ESD) in your workplace.

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