A warehouse will have to withstand forklifts, racking, foot traffic, deliveries and more throughout a normal day. This pressure falls upon your warehouse flooring which can become dangerous when not installed correctly or when it becomes damaged. Whether a set of racking is wonky due to crumbling flooring or your forklifts pass over cracks during their journeys across your warehouse, it is vital you find a repair or replacement service.

Trusted for warehouse flooring across the UK, our team at Datum Flooring are on hand to provide you with a bespoke service which is suited to your warehouse, your sector and your specific needs. Our experience in creating warehouse flooring alongside a range of other types of flooring across the UK has made us a regular choice for many companies.

How our warehouse flooring works at Datum Flooring?

To perform an analysis of your current surface and the pressure it comes under during a normal day, we will visit your premises. This will give us the chance to understand which surface is ideal for your warehouse flooring and how our high-quality products can help you.

Upon completion of our warehouse flooring we are able to supplement this installation with the addition of kerbs, line painting, stainless-steel drainage and more to support your daily operations.

To discover more about our warehouse flooring and how to get started, get in contact with us today.