Any company that’s works with and around chemicals will always have an eye on health and safety. There are plenty of occasions throughout the course of the day when chemicals can be spilled or find their way onto the floor. When working with these chemicals, whether they are dangerous, toxic or harmful to environment, it is important to ensure that any spillage is cleaned to the highest standards. That, however, comes down the surface that it falls upon.

Our chemically resistant flooring at Datum Flooring is chosen by companies in a range of different sectors who want to ensure that every element is considered and safety is at the forefront of everything. We have the ability to produce and create bespoke chemically resistant flooring styles that will help to improve your staff’s safety at work and improve your environmental outlook.

Why choose our team at Datum Flooring?

As a professional team who have served a number of sectors with our important and high-quality flooring solutions, we have become a leading service for companies of various sizes. Whether you have a vast warehouse space that requires our chemically resistant flooring, or you want to install non-slip flooring for your commercial area, we have the experience to design the ideal flooring solutions for you.

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