If you have invested in a new warehouse for your business, you will want to start off on the right foot. When you choose our exceptional services at Datum Flooring you can assure yourself that the floor of your warehouse is best prepared for whatever storage or production you need. We’re expert at installing floors in warehouses which can be suited to your specific requirements.

Our service is trusted across the UK and has become one of the best choices for companies with new properties and those who want to relay their flooring to the highest standards. We use a range of methods and most suitable products to ensure that every floor installation receives the same high standards.

How do we install floors for warehouses in the UK?

We use our three decades’ experience at Datum Flooring to professionally manage and guide your project to its completion. Our team will begin by reviewing your space and understanding it’s proposed use, this will allow us to choose from our vast array of floor surfaces. We are able to install anti-static, polymer screed, polyurethane and heavy-duty floor coatings which are designed to your specific needs.

We will always provide you with the appropriate risk assessments, COSSH and material data sheets.

To find out more about our floor installations in warehouses across the UK, get in contact with us.