Industrial flooring is a myriad of different products that each have their own benefits. Depending on the application and the sector that you are in, you will want to find something befitting of your needs at this time. At Datum Flooring we have become a leading provider of anti-static flooring in a variety of applications.

Whether your industrial premises involves cars, healthcare, electronics or the military you may need to invest in anti-static flooring to help reduce the risks associated with your processes. When you choose our team at Datum Flooring we will offer you a range of options suited to ensuring your floors are professionally installed and suited to your specific requirements.

Why choose our anti-static flooring at Datum Flooring?

Our professional installation will leave you with flooring that is smooth and made to fit your space perfectly. We only use the best possible materials on the market to create our anti-static flooring which will ensure every aspect of it works for your company’s needs.

We are able to combine our anti-static flooring with the installation of kerbs, coving, stainless-steel drainage and line marking. This complete service will ensure that you have a surface that is ready to use immediately.

If you would like to discover more about our anti-static flooring, get in contact with us today.