Installing flooring in your commercial property will throw up a number of concerns and problems. Safety, drainage, flooring materials and much more are considerations that have to be made before you make any decision. At Datum Flooring we are able to install stainless steel drains around our flooring services to ensure you have every aspect checked off your list.

We have the ability to mould our flooring services around your specific needs. Whether you are part of the pharmaceutical, medical, food processing or any other industry, you will have the need to call upon a professional team capable of providing the services you require.

How our experience helps to install the perfect flooring for your premises

Our team at Datum Flooring have been installed flooring suited to a range of needs across the commercial world for over three decades. In this time a lot has changed to make sure that our team remain on their toes.

Health and safety play a huge and important part of any modern business, and we are no different. We will make sure that every element of your new flooring and the features of it such as stainless-steel drains are planned meticulously from the beginning until the installation.

To discover more about our work and how you can secure our services at Datum Flooring, get in contact with us today.