Many industries rely on contractors to ensure their premises are safe for use. Whether it’s a hospital, a warehouse, a chemical laboratory or anything in between, the construction and the elements of your space rests on quality. One such aspect that is vitally important is the flooring; without ample protection for your staff or the liquids that find themselves on the floor, it can cause plenty of issues.

If hygiene is an important aspect at your company, you will want to secure flooring that is easy-to-clean, made to fit your space and created using a durable material. At Datum Flooring we have become an important company chosen to professionally install hygienic flooring for a wide range of applications.

What options are available to you when you choose Datum Flooring in the UK?

We understand that your industry may have different rules and regulations. To make sure that you hit these and have professional flooring which can stand up to every test and challenge, we have a number of options available to you.

From our ability to install chemically-resistant flooring or anti-static styles through to our experience in creating hygienic flooring for the food processing and pharmaceutical industries, choose Datum Flooring for all your requirements.

To discover more about our hygienic flooring and how to get started, speak with our professional team today.